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Aspiring to make your music, modeling or acting dreams a reality? One of Correlare's best kept secrets is our connections to the entertainment industry and with the construction of the Northern California Musicians Collective (NCMC). Even if you're brand new to the industry, we can help you build a solid foundation. With singers, songwriters, vocal instructors, actors, recording capabilities and more, launching your career with Correlare through the Northern California Musicians Collective (NCMC) is a smart move.

Have you ever said to yourself “I just need 30 minutes”? Thirty Minute Nanny originated from this exact statement. We recognize that caring for a loved one – a child, an adult or even a pet - is a life-altering adventure filled with numerous rewards and challenges. The journey can sometimes be overwhelming, and the responsibility is one that truly “takes a village”. Our mission is to become part of your “village” by providing families and nannies with a forum to connect to meet short-term or long-term in-home non-medical care needs. Join our group today to start connecting to the people in your community.

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Private and Group Lessons, Live Shows, Private Events

It's A New Year!!!


We are now offering Group Piano, Ukulele and Guitar classes as well as an amazing Triple Threat class!

What we offer

  1. Private music lessons
  2. Vocal lessons
  3. Group Lessons for Children or Adults
  4. Toddler Music and Dance groups
  5. Children's band classes
  6. 910 square foot private meeting room
  7. Piano sales and rentals
  8. Instrument sales and rentals
  9. Piano tuning and repair

and so much more.......



CHICO, CA, 95926,



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Stitched Records (no bg)

A Record Label For Musicians by Musicians

Stitched Records

Breaking into the music scene can be frustrating. Getting your songs written, recorded, Distributed and most of all capitalized on can be tough. After all is said and done, the record labels want a percentage of what you make. Giving up your hard earned pay is fine if you're a touring singer/songwriter/band that makes enough to survive, but what about the other 99% of us who can't? Stitched Records philosophy is simple, we protect you and your music for free under our corporate umbrella of Correlare, LLC. Your only payment to us is helping the other musicians under the label grow as well. When the time comes that you are ready to launch your tour, career, etc., we can then talk about a percentage. Until YOU make that request, your music is all yours, we have no rights to any of it. If you decide to walk away tomorrow, that's not a problem, it's your music not ours.



We love social media and how quickly one can find events, answers to questions or a discount on some good grub. But what lays heavy on our hearts is the more we try to connect through social media, the more distant personal connections seem to grow.

This sparked some interest in us and we decided to delve in and see where the personal, non-electronic connections had gone. What we learned was the quickness to connect with others online became a direct disconnect for some in a personal face-to-face scenario. Studies have shown that communication is 80%-90% non-verbal. Most online social interaction is unable to provide this aspect of communication. With the inability to read facial expressions, body language or position, communication became that of just words and unintentionally disconnected. Technology is such an important mode of communication and has provided us with opportunities and the ability to extend our reach farther than we ever thought possible. Correlare is here to help you include the face-to-face interaction to create a more personal connection with your community.

We construct scenarios within your community that create opportunities for you to connect with others on a human level. Every connection we make for you or your business is created in a way that will benefit all parties involved. Because we use face-to-face interactions, the scenarios that we construct help to build rapport and provide the opportunity for a life-long connection. Correlare looks forward to helping you build your bond with businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals in your community.


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