Helping our friends cool off

Correlare has a very focused approach to connecting people in your community. Our first step, sitting down face-to-face with our client, is the most important step. Getting to know you and the goals you are trying to reach is where the magic begins. But sometimes we don’t have clients come to us, we are drawn to them.

One situation in particular was a Facebook post regarding the high heat level in a local animal shelter. Now the heat level was nothing worse than what a house dog would acquire in their own backyard, but under the circumstances, visitors believed it to be too hot for the dogs.

We assessed the situation by visiting the shelter and walking the grounds with the site director. After researching the facility and speaking to community HVAC business owners, we came to the realization that an A/C unit would not be cost effective, nor solve the issue.

At Correlare we treat every problem with the same foundational situation, we build scenarios that allow community members to join together, bond and solve the problem together. Correlare can be much like a ghostwriter, setting up your plan, guiding you through the process and being invisible. Or we can dive right in and get involved ourselves. Here is the outcome of the shelter situation:–523413001.html

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