Whether you are an individual Singer, Songwriter, Model, Entrepreneur or a full business, delineating where you are now, and how to get where you want to be, can be tricky to travers. One of the services we pride ourselves on is filtering out issues to reduce the hurdles that may interfere with your ability to connect to others. Constructing a financially friendly plan that not only makes your goals attainable, it generates a positive return on your investment, your investment in your customers!

Influential Networking

Connecting you and your business through the proper influential channels, can lead to an increase in loyal customers, followers and promoters for you and your business. We specialize in connecting people in a way that most our clients feel was unattainable on their own. You already know how great your product or service is for consumers, we help you show them. Whether it be growing your business or launching your Hollywood career, we know someone in the business to connect you with!

Scenario Building

Constructing each scenario in a way that exemplifies your connection and sincerity to your community.  Applying extreme value to your Networking, Marketing and Public Relations, and at a cost that a small business start-up could afford. Each scenario we build is a success, and each scenario that succeeds, grows!


Launching my modeling career...

"Through years of theatre, dance, vocal training and the love of the art of photography, I knew I had something to offer the world. It wasn't until I met Gary Smith with Correlare that, for the first time, I could see my dreams coming to fruition. His guidance, kindness and respect has empowered me to rise to the top"

Kaila Davidson-Actress/Singer/Model





My music coming to life...

As a musician, sometimes the dreams we set for ourselves are just that, dreams with a lack of reality. Since I was scouted out by Gary Smith from Stitched Records, a division of Correlare LLC, my dreams instantly became reality! Being treated with respect and kindness, I feel confident on the path I am on!

Melli Farias- Singer/Songwriter



Stitched Records (bg)

Next Steps...

If you are looking to increase awareness of your business, find ways to gain new loyal customers, have an event you need to expand or just have some questions for us......