Here it is, your opportunity to connect your music with others and have a chance of winning cash! Write an original song, record that song, upload that song then post our voting link on your social media. Your fans will have the ability to purchase voting credits that they can use to vote for their favorite singer/songwriter/song. The top three musicians with the most votes will win! Rules & Prizes listed below!


  1. Upload your MP3 File MAX SIZE 100GB
  2. There is a maximum upload of ten (10) songs
  3. All songs MUST be original works by you
  4. You must post link and promote competition on your social media
  5. Uploading your songs is free
  6. Voting credits must be purchased by voters
  7. You can vote on your own songs
  8. Competition will run thirty (30) days
  9. New competitions will run every thirty (30) days
  10. Contestants who win must wait thirty (30) days before entering again
  11. Any advertising revenue we obtain per competition will be split with winners as noted below.


  1. The top three (3) musicians with the most votes win
  2. Winners will be broken down by first, second and third place
  3. First place winner will win thirty-five percent (35%) of vote revenue + Ads
  4. Second place winner will win twenty-five percent (25%) of vote revenue + Ads
  5. Third place winner will win fifteen percent (15%) of vote revenue + Ads


Contest Ended
Total votes for the Contest "Singer-Songwriter Competition" : 9


Allowed File Types : All | Allowed File Size Limit : Any Size
Allowed File Types : mp3 | Allowed File Size Limit : 100 MB